25, Jan, 2022
Why Odoo Is The Number One Small Business ERP? 3 Facts Behind It

Why Odoo Is The Number One Small Business ERP? 3 Facts Behind It

The ERP system has emerged as a previous IT solution that enables businesses to cope with day-to-day chaos, operational and management issues. As a full-fledged software, it provides a consistent overview of all organizational functions and data for each member or staff in real time. Because it is available to all, inconsistencies in the flow of information from one department to another are eliminated and everything is carefully monitored. But why and how is Odoo central to ERP? This is the right ERP for small businesses for a number of reasons. An important reason is the development of a low-cost ERP system. In addition, Odoo ERP is one step ahead of all other common solutions due to ease of use.

Without further ado, let’s look at all the facts that make Odoo a standalone platform for developing ERP for small businesses.

Odoo offers unprecedented features for functional customization

There is no doubt about that. Odoo outperforms all other mid-level ERP in terms of functionality. What’s more, it includes a wide range of applications that can literally support any type of business and all its processes. Inevitably, it’s an all-in-one, fully integrated and functionally compatible solution that covers almost all internal functional areas of the enterprise. Among the most important are accounting, marketing, customer support, inventory management, procurement management, sales and human resources.

Odoo is the most affordable ERP solution

While most small businesses are reluctant to buy ERP because of the unusually high costs associated with its development, implementation, and management, Odoo helps them get around all the cost issues.

First, they can start with some basic features with the modular Odoo approach. It will cost minimal. Second, they can stick to the fact that they can scale ERP at any time when profits increase with Odoo, and get more customizable features. Thus, the value gained from Odoo is obviously more for small businesses.

Odoo’s customization capabilities offer competitive advantages

This is one of the individual ERP solutions that can help small businesses gain a competitive advantage in their own manufacturing sector. This helps them rethink their processes or workflows and adapt the solution to any necessary functional requirements. Odoo also makes small business owners believe that their ERP system can scale as their business grows, although it is currently integrated with fewer features. In addition, Odoo’s cost is less than that of other ERP systems, and it wins the hearts of most small business owners. In general, this gives them a great competitive advantage.

Small businesses no longer have a problem integrating their workflows with a reliable technical solution such as ERP. And Odoo is the only great software that is gradually making room in the ERP market for all the right reasons. The most important features, all the customization, scalability, ease of use and high availability are the most important.

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